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Buhay Marino Dyaryo is a monthly publication of Seafarers Maritime Media, Inc. and one of the most sought-after maritime newspaper locally and abroad. Buhay Marino Dyaryo is the best source of maritime information, news and current events in the Philippine Maritime Industry and the International Shipping Business.

Buhay Marino Dyaryo had established a very long linkage with the local industry sectors as well as cooperation with the international maritime industry; from manning group, to training institutions, the shipping and port operators and other associations and organizations here and abroad. It has created convenience to all stakeholders of the industry.

With its conventional format and style, compact in size, easy to carry; easy to read – it now carries Business section including Finance and Investment and other related business matters, and it has improved Medical and Health section.

Editorial wise, Buhay Marino Dyaryo has always been adherent to progressive national and foreign industry news and developments not only to maritime but allows to cover trade and commerce as well, having now a wider scope of coverage and reach.

Buhay Marino Dyaryo has a captured base readership consisting of shipowners, ship operators, ship managers, manning agencies, training providers, maritime higher education institutions, maritime associations, government representatives, seafarers and trade union representatives, P&I claim manager and flag state representatives and other logistical partners/stakeholders. Likewise, banking and finance institutions, insurance groups, trust and investment group, export and import oriented companies and logistics and government agencies are also part of the readership base.

Seafarers and their relatives likewise subscribe. At times, they relayed the latest maritime development to the seafarers.

"Sailing news, creating views"